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Portfolio Graphic Designer - Jennifer Florentia (1).png

Rebricks had the purpose to reduce plastics by creating an alternative using recycling them into eco-friendly bricks. Therefore, after great consideration, I pick green as the main color. As for why am using the leaf as the symbol and the bricks?

Because it is a symbol of ecology and I have a goal to create a logo that is simple and elegant or easy to look at. Furthermore, these bricks are the main selling point. The Font, as per requested by the employer at that time, wanted rigid and inflexible because it is the symbolism.

Logo Adobe Illustrator.png
Logo Adobe Photoshop.png


As per requested by PT Prima Wana Kreasi Wood's director, I designed a logo based on the name he provided. According to his instruction, it was a logo for a machine. Therefore, I created a minimalistic font, gray color, and a gear from scratch using adobe illustrator.

Logo Adobe Illustrator.png
Logo Adobe Photoshop.png
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