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Platform to create happiness within you

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A Stress Management Indonesia  under development project  in mental health.

A tool to enhance the happiness within you and presented with an easy look.

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February 2022 / Fèvrier 2022


My role: UI/UX, concept, design


Easy to use, understand, and clean look with a touch of minimalistic style. 

Note : Only 2 people are re-creating this + with a week deadline


John Healty Christian

"The User Interface (UI) is so messed up i cant even look at it anymore. And it is my first time opening the app. Bye"
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pngegg (1).png

You can download it at :

Designs are still under development (website & a few changes,
will be made in the apps)

As the head of the Happyself website project,
you may
click the button below to check it out:

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